About Creative Cordoba: What is “Córdoba Creativa”?

Cordoba is a city with a strong cultural vocation, an urban environment in which cultural assets and creative talent of great potential have existed for centuries, and still exist.

Promoted by the Municipal Institute of Economic Development and Employment of Cordoba (IMDEEC) through its Department of Projects and Institutional Cooperation, the Creative Cordoba project (“Estrategia Córdoba Creativa 2030”) was launched in 2019 to build, in a participatory way, a joint and long-term strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the city, in order to strengthen its role as a source of economic wealth and as an employment generator.

The construction of this Strategy has involved a quantitative and qualitative diagnosis, including a broad statistical analysis and an active listening to the cultural and creative agents of Cordoba, through participatory workshops and interviews.

This diagnosis process has laid the foundations for building, with the union and collaboration of agents from the academic, institutional, business and social spheres, a Strategy that articulates its lines and objectives around a vision for the year 2030.

This long-term vision, the core of the Creative Córdoba Strategy, envisages Córdoba as a “creative urban space, the result of permanent collaboration between businesses, institutions and cultural and creative agents. A city in which contemporary culture and business innovation is promoted, a city opened to the world to become an international benchmark for using the cultural and creative heritage to generate employment and social cohesion” (Vision 2030, Creative Cordoba Strategy).

Over the next ten years, public and private efforts will be combined to make this vision a reality, through specific projects within the framework of the strategic lines and objectives set out.

More information: cordobaindustriasculturales@ayuncordoba.es